Academic Tour

The traditional style college buildings erected majestically in the large college campus give an experience of homeliness to anyone entering the campus. The locations of the various departments of the college are tabulated below:



MSc. Biotechnology

Biology Block


NR Ground Floor


Platinum Jubilee Block


NR Ist Floor


Cutchery Malika Ground Floor


NR Ist Floor


Platinum Jubilee Ground Floor



NR Ist Floor

NR IInd Floor

Physical Education

Cutchery Malika Ground Floor


BSc. Computer Science

BSc.Computer Maintenance

Physics Block


Mathew Block Ist Floor


Mathew Block Ground Floor


ICIT Building

BCA, B.L.I.Sc., BCom.

ICIT Buildings


‘Mahaganitham’  is   a  sculpture commemorating the  huge Mahagony tree that stood in front of the Cutcherry Malika. This huge tree,  like other trees on the campus, played a vital role in the making of  the  unique heritage of U.C.College.

The tree was struck by lightning in 2002. The remnants of this great tree stand as ‘Mahaganitham’ near its original position.

‘Mahaganitham’ represents the historic Mahagony tree and ‘Ganitham’, Mathematics, the queen of all sciences.  Aesthetic concepts like Golden ratio, Fibonacci series etc. are used in the design. More than a thousand mathematical entities and geometrical shapes are engraved in the sculpture. The five Platonic bodies - tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron -  are present in it. Moreover, an attempt has been  made to impart  certain ethical messages through different mathematical models. An old iron bell, used during the early period of the college, is a part of the sculpture. It reminds us to make the best use of precious opportunities available on the campus. The copper and brass frame strengthens the structure (our relationships too!).

The work was crafted by the artist Mr. PV. Ramachandran and the mathematical part was conceived by Dr. Sunny Kuriakose, Department of Mathematics.


The important buildings in the college are:

     Varkey Memorial Hall (VMH)
     Platinum Jubilee Block
     Administrative Block
     Students Centre
     Guest House
     Mithrapuram Hall
     Botanical Garden
     T.B. Ninan Hall
     Cutcheri Malika 
     Founders' Memorial Platimum Jubilee Auditorium
     C.P Mathew Memorial Block
Two major projects, the Golden Jubilee Block and C. P. Mathew Block have been completed. The new academic block named C.P. Mathew, Memorial Academic Block was dedicated on 17. 9 2004. The building took its shape as an extension of the new Psychology Block built in 1994. Prof. C. P. Mathew, one of the founders of the college, was the bursar when the construction of the New Hostel was started in 1926. The hostel started functioning in 1928 with 46 students. Mr. Gopalan Achari was instrumental in planning most of our old building including the College chapel, and Biology Block and even Skinner Hostel.‘Each piece of wood being carved  with  deep faith in God’, as Gopalan Achari believes. This block is now a full fledged wing of the College including the department of Psychology, Zoology, Womens’ Cell, Computer Centre and other facilities.

           Offices / Facilities

       Principal’s Office
       Manager’s Room
       Bursar Office
       Office of the Superintendent
       Common Staff Room (Teaching staff)
       Staff room ( Non –Teaching staff)
       Department of Works
       U.C.College Employees Credit Society
       Guidance Bureau
       Women's Cell
       Photocopying Centre
       Post Office
       Union Christian College Computer Centre
       Office of the NCC
       Office of the NSS
       Office of the Students Union
       Students Cooperative Society
       Canteen (Non Resident Students’ Centre)

Residential Life Tour
One of the uniqueness of U.C.College is the Residential system providing quarters for faculty staff and students with in the campus.There are four Women's Hostels and one Men's Hostel.

  Chacko Hostel for Men Wardens Quarters
  Skinner Hostel for Women Wardens Quarters,
Quarters for Hostel boy & Security
  East Hostel for Women Wardens Quarters
  East Annex Hostel for Women Wardens Quarters
  West  Hostel  for Women with Wardens Quarter, Quarters for Hostel boy & Security
  Principal’s Quarters

Athletics and Fitness Tour

The college offers sports and games facilities to every student who desires to develop his or  her potential abilities and qualities of sportsmanship, team spirit and physique.  Facilities for all the major items of games and athletics are provided.



Campus Ministry Tour

Value Education Classes

Students have the opportunity to attend value education class from 9.30 to 10.15 a.m. on Fridays.

Chapel Services

There will be a Morning Worship  at 9.10 a.m. on every working day of the College and a United Evening Worship at 6.45 p.m. every Sunday during term time in the College Chapel. Different books of hyms and prayers (compiling prayers from different faiths and religions) are used during workships. Attendance at these services is not obligatory, but all who wish to attend are welcome. Bible study circles hym practice morning and evening workships are regularly practiced in the hostels.

The Students’ Christian Fellowship

The Students’ Christian Fellowship (SCF) of the college is affiliated to the SCM of India. The activities of the SCF include weekly meetings (noon interval of Fridays), Bible classes, talks, discussions, camps, etc.  Another important programme is the carol service held in the College Chapel every December.  A large number of students and teachers participate in the activities.

Inter Church Fellowship

The faculty belonging to Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, Syrian Jacobite Church, Church of South India and Marthoma Syrian Church form the Inter Church Fellowship. The members of ICF meet on every Tuesday at 3.30 p.m. They have been actively involved in academic administrative and cultural and religious activities from the time of inception of the college. The Fellowship method of administration, one of the essential characteristics of the college, has been successful in removing the distinction between the employer and the employee and in ensuring transparency and involvement of members of the faculty in the administration of the college.   


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